Advantages Of Games To Small Children


Childhood is a fragile stage as it is a time that children develop their personality and talents. Games are not just a way for children to pass the time or keep them occupied while you do something. Here are good reasons why you need to encourage your child to play games.


Develop social skills

wsdsdfGames are a good way for children to interact with each other and teaches them about the core values of friendship.Through games, kids can also learn how to share, take turns and improve their communication skills. Take this opportunity to teach your child courteous words like thank you, please and sorry while at the same time also spending quality time with them.

Instills self confidence

Games are a good way for children to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. Praising your child after a job well done will raise their spirits so take the time to cheer them and congratulate them.

Helps them exercise

Exercises are an integral part of every child’s well-being as their bones and muscles are still developing. Encourage your child to take part in outdoor activities so that they can stretch their muscles. This will also ensure that they stay active and free from conditions such as obesity.

Develops talent

Different children will likely be drawn towards different activities. Pay attention to what your child takes an interest in as may reveal their talents. If you notice that your child has a particular talent, help him/her to excel in it. Talents should never be overlooked as many people earn their living through them and it may also get them to college.

Improvement of focus and memory

Math and concentration games need memorization and repetition skills. These games will boost your child’s memory and help them focus more. Children who play these games have a great advantage as these skills are very useful in school. Children have a better chance of scoring well by mastering these skills during playtime.

Encourages creativity

Educational games that tend to encourage creativity such as Pictionary games will push them to think outside the box. These types of games will encourage your child to think of other ways of doing things if one method fails.Learning how to stack building blocks together is a good example of a game that will help to nurture your child’s creativity.

Verbal and communication skills

sdcfvdfGames are a great way for children to learn how to communicate and express their feelings. Interactional games will help nurture your child’s verbal skills as they will learn how to express their feelings more.